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Minutes to a Happier You – The 5 Minute Journal

I know, I know…. The title is a bit cliched but hear me out 🙂 I wanted to share with you a little routine which could help you stay happier and more balanced throughout the day. All it takes is about 5 minutes.


Before I dive right in, I thought it might be worthwhile sharing why I think this technique is so powerful.

Over the past year, my daily routine has changed significantly but I think the one thing that has had the most impact is a journalling exercise which takes about 5 minutes. Before I adopted this exercise, I would have days when I’d come home from work holding onto some negative comment or thought I’d encountered throughout the day. So not only would I have an average day at work but then I’d also be bringing that baggage home, which is not good for me or those around me.

Having adopted this exercise for a few weeks, it dawned on me one day that my mood seemed to be better and was staying more balanced throughout the day.

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Tim Ferriss Discusses Turning 40 and His Personal Battles

I came across this article a while ago and thought it would be worthwhile sharing. It was posted by Tim Ferriss on LinkedIn towards the end of last year and casts him in a different light, reflecting on his personal battles on the way to 40.

Tim Ferriss and his best friend
Tim Ferriss and his Doggo

The article shares a great example of the power of resilience despite the challenges along the way:

“Truth be told, I never thought I’d make it to 40. My first book was rejected 27 times by publishers. The things that worked out weren’t supposed to work, so I realized on my birthday: I had no plan for after 40.”

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3 Great Motivational Podcasts to Supercharge Your 2018!!!

3 Great Motivational Podcasts to Supercharge Your 2018!!!

I know, I know… There are podcasts discussing pretty much every topic these days. In the motivation / mindset / daily inspiration space there is no doubt tens if not hundreds of different podcasts to choose from. I thought to share with you 3 great podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis to support my mindset and keep me on the right track (no pun intended).

Truthfully, I just happened to stumble across these three presenters but now keep going back, given the quality of what they share and the caliber of the people they have on. If you make these a part of your regular routine in 2018, I think they could help you immensely with your mindset and staying motivated. Just remember, the best time to experience a podcast, is when you think you need it the least. Enjoy!

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Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss Book Review

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss Book Review

Like a lot of people, I was a big fan of the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss but wasn’t sure what to expect when I first came across Tools of Titans. Given how much I enjoyed his first book, his podcasts and 5-Bullet Friday emails, I put in my pre-order for Tools of Titans and waited eagerly.

I must say I have not been disappointed! Boasting over 700 pages, Tools of Titans is jam-packed with tools, tips and advice from nearly 200 world-class performers including Robert Rodriguez, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Robbins, Malcolm Gladwell, Kevin Kelley, Peter Thiel, Chris Sacca, Jocko Willink and Tara Brach.

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