How to Read a Book a Day – Jay Shetty Shares His Secrets

I recently discovered Jay Shetty and came across the following YouTube clip of his called “How I Read a Book a Day” which I thought to share.

Jay Shetty
Look at this guy. Seriously!

For those who are unaware of his work, Jay Shetty is an extremely photogenic storyteller, video marketer and presenter who spent his early 20s as a monk in India. Jay has more than one million followers globally and his viral videos have racked up over 200 million views.

In the following clip, Jay discusses some hacks he uses to quickly extract the most value out of each book he sets out to read. He focuses on cherry-picking key areas out of a book which are of particular relevance to you rather than automatically reading cover to cover. Like me, this may be a little bit of a foreign concept for those of you who have always consumed books in their entirety. The following clip outlines how Jay does this:

While I did not agree with all of Jay’s points, there were a couple of concepts that piqued my interest, in particular the “3S Method”. Under this method, Jay undertakes the following at the conclusion of each chapter he reads:

  • Write down a Story that inspired you
  • Write down a Statistic that blew your mind
  • Make a note to Share an item with someone else.

I think the above approach could support a more focused approach to reading as you have to actively reflect on it afterwards and potentially share a snippet with someone else. I plan to implement the 3S Method to my current reading and I will let you know how I go. If you have other reading tips or feedback on Jay’s video, I would love to hear from you below.


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