3 Great Motivational Podcasts to Supercharge Your 2018!!!

I know, I know… There are podcasts discussing pretty much every topic these days. In the motivation / mindset / daily inspiration space there is no doubt tens if not hundreds of different podcasts to choose from. I thought to share with you 3 great podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis to support my mindset and keep me on the right track (no pun intended).

Truthfully, I just happened to stumble across these three presenters but now keep going back, given the quality of what they share and the caliber of the people they have on. If you make these a part of your regular routine in 2018, I think they could help you immensely with your mindset and staying motivated. Just remember, the best time to experience a podcast, is when you think you need it the least. Enjoy!

The Tim Ferriss Show

I stumbled across Tim Ferriss’ podcast having loved his first book, The 4Hour Workweek, which focused on lifestyle design and escaping the rat race. I subscribed to his email list and came across his podcast in that manner.

The Tim Ferriss Show, is a wildly popular podcast and is regularly the top rated business show on all of iTunes. It was in fact, the first podcast to have a 100,000,000 downloads! It’s led to Tim being called the “Oprah of Radio.”

Like most podcasts, what keeps me coming back is the caliber of the guests he has on the show. To be completely truthful, I was initially attracted by well-known names like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Bill Burr and Peter Thiel. More recently, however, I have made an effort to branch out and listen to people that I don’t know and on topics that I may not normally be drawn to. I think it helps to broaden your mind and exposes you to ideas that you would not come across normally. Here are some examples:

Tim Ferriss Show

There were takeaways from each of the above podcasts, however, I particularly enjoyed listening Terry Crews given his work on the sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Terry came across as a joyful, humble and grounded individual and it was particularly energizing to hear his comments on the importance of running your own race and avoiding the pitfalls of competition [at 50:26].

The one negative about the Tim Ferriss Show is that it is a pure podcast. Tim only records audio versions of his interviews with no video, unlike some other podcasts. I think it’s handy to view the podcast videos sometimes as it helps you to better identify with the guests and to relate to the stories. It’s a minor gripe given the value of the content, however.

The Tim Ferriss Show lives here:

School of Greatness by Lewis HowesSchool-of-Greatness-Lewis-Howes

The School of Greatness podcast has been around since 2013 and regularly enjoys more than 2 million downloads a month. It’s a high caliber podcast which is offered in both audio and video formats. For me, the secret of its popularity stems from a mix of intriguing guests but also the manner in which they are interviewed by Lewis. He is always present, attentive, appreciative and takes a moment with each guest to acknowledge the value they provide not just to him but his audience as well. You can sense his genuine demeanor, in particular, on the video version of the podcast which can be viewed on YouTube.

Lewis interviews a range of world-class performers on The School of Greatness including athletes, entrepreneurs, educators, business folk and artists. Some recent podcasts I wanted to highlight are the following:

The Les Brown podcast, in particular, was dynamite! He comes as being a very grounded person who has made it his mission to be the best he can be and also motivate others to achieve their best. It’s a really intriguing interview because Les is an engaging storyteller and is allowed to shine while Lewis keeps the conversation flowing.

I also really enjoyed the podcast with Naveen Jain. Naveen is not someone I had come across previously but I found his ideas to be stupendously bold and his enthusiasm to be infectious. So much so, that you start seeing his ventures of bringing helium-3 back from the moon (Moon Express) and eliminating illness (Viome) as being actually plausible. You get a sense of how Naveen approaches life when he says, “…When someone tell you that it’s a crazy idea that means you are on the right path!”

I know this is an unusual comment to make but when I first started tuning into the podcast, I did wonder about Lewis himself. Given he was a former professional athlete, I mistakenly pigeonholed as being a bit of a jock. However, as Lewis begins to share his personal journey with you through his podcasts, you get a tremendous appreciation for where he has come from and what he has achieved. I won’t spoil it for you but I think tuning into the School of Greatness is something that will reward you the more times you visit.

The School of Greatness podcast is available on the following platforms:

The DailyVee and AskGaryVee by Gary Vaynerchuck


Gary Vaynerchuk is a noted vlogger, author, entrepreneur and public speaker. He has a significant presence online and is a respected commentator on digital marketing and social media strategy. Gary is the creator of two podcasts, the DailyVee and AskGaryVee, both of which I would recommend checking out.

The DailyVee, is a daily video journal of Gary’s day as he attends to his businesses, meets clients, speaks at conference and such.  AskGaryVee is recorded less regularly and provides listeners with an opportunity to ask Gary and his guests about burning matters. As with most podcasts, what really makes them is the calibre of the guests the presenter can get access to.  Gary brings on an eclectic mix from well-known names like Tony Robbins, Ray Dalio and Tim Ferriss through to unconventional picks like Charlamagne tha God, Logic, John Legend and Wyclef Jean. Come to think of it, he does seem to bring on a lot of performers particularly rappers and hip hop artists. Far from detracting from the podcast, I think this focus is a good thing as it exposes you to professionals and concepts that you may not be that exposed to normally.

Here are some more recent podcasts that I have enjoyed:

What draws you in about the podcasts is Gary himself. He just comes across like he is always hustling and always working. This is particularly evident on the DailyVee podcast where you see Gary seemingly going from sunup to sundown. Whenever I’m feeling a bit lazy, I just put one of Gary’s podcasts on. It’s a good reminder to maintain the rage and keep grinding each and everyday.

For all of Gary’s strengths he does have the attention span of a fish. This can be quite frustrating as he does have a habit of interrupting guests on a regular basis! If you can learn to get past this when it happens,  you will be incredibly rewarded for your persistence.

Here’s how you get to Gary’s podcasts:

Thank you for taking the time to read through. If you have any feedback or suggestions for other podcasts to check out, please let me know below.

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