3 Great Female Motivational Speakers to Check Out Today!

There are a lot of great motivational speakers out there inspiring others and creating positive outcomes. However, you don’t always hear a great deal about female speakers. Today, I wanted to share with you the stories of 3 great female motivational speakers who are doing amazing things in their respective niches. The speakers are:

  • Marie Forleo
  • Gabby Bernstein
  • Vanessa Van Edwards

Check out the details below.

Marie ForleoHead photo of Marie Forleo

I came across Marie Forleo recently while stumbling down the YouTube rabbit hole. Marie was interviewing a famous counterpart and I was impressed by her energy and the way she contributed effectively while ensuring the focus remained on her guest. After viewing the interview, I was keen to find out more about Marie Forleo.

Marie is a life coach, speaker, author and host of the online show, Marie TV. She is focused on helping people discover their “happiest, wisest and most loving self.”

After graduating from college in 1997, Marie ventured down the corporate path but soon realized that her passion lay elsewhere given her given her wide and varied interests. So she gave up the safety of a 9 to 5 job and focused on building a coaching business using bar tending and odd jobs to make ends meet. Since launching her coaching business in 2001, Marie has built a multi-million dollar enterprise helping small businesses and entrepreneurs.

In 2008, Forleo released her first book, “Make Every Man Want You: How to Be So Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself!”. The book was an international bestseller and has been published in sixteen languages.

Along the way, Marie has worked with noted business gurus including Oprah, Tony Robbins, and Richard Branson. Oprah, called Marie, “a thought leader for the next generation”.

Marie has coined the term “multi-passionate entrepreneur”, which recognizes and celebrates being unconventional and having an interest in numerous, seemingly, unconnected areas. Personally, I think this is a phrase to savor, as this a situation that many people encounter. In her own words, Marie captures her approach as follows:

“From the non-stop frenzy working on the floor of the NYSE, to the well-heeled halls of Conde Nast publishing, to choreographing hip-hop on MTV and being one of the world’s first Nike Elite Dance Athletes, to penning an international bestseller, to founding a digital education company named in the Inc. 500, I’m undeniable proof that traditional rules were made to be broken.”

As noted above, Marie has en extensive dance background. As a matter of fact, if you search on YouTube, you will come across old DVD footage of her “Dancing off the Inches”. It’s pretty quirky and cool! Marie is also notable philanthropist supporting various charities including Charity:Water, Pencils of Promise and The Malala Fund. Further details can be found at https://www.marieforleo.com/giving-back/.

In case you are wondering about the YouTube clip that intrigued me about Marie, it was an interview she conducted with FUBU Founder and Shark Tank Judge, Daymond John. Check it out below:

Marie can be found across the following platforms:


Gabrielle BernsteinHead shot of Gabby Bernstein

I was chatting with a friend recently and asked her for some recommendations on speakers of note to check out. One of her recommendations happened to be Gabrielle (Gabby) Bernstein. I had been familiar with Gabby’s online presence through podcasts with Lewis Howes but had not delved much further until my friend’s prompting. Needless to say, I have been really impressed with Gabby’s work.

Gabrielle Bernstein is a New York Times bestselling author, speaker and self-confessed “spirit junkie”. She has been an international speaker since 2004 presenting on various platforms. During this time she has authored a number of books including Add More ~ing To Your Life: A Hip Guide To Happiness; May Cause Miracles: A 6-Week Kick-Start to Unlimited Happiness and The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith.

Her latest book, released earlier this year, explores a topic which I think impacts a lot of us. Released in 2018, Judgment Detox: Release the Beliefs that Hold you Back from Living a Better Life, touches on the vulnerability we feel when we are judged and how we judge others to make ourselves feel better. The book provides a six-step process for identifying and then eradicating judgment from our lives. The steps, which draw upon Gabrielle’s spiritual experiences, include: witnessing your judgement without judgement, honoring the wound and putting love on the altar.

Gabrielle discussed the Judgment Detox recently on Lewis Howes School of Greatness podcast:

During the podcast, Gabrielle details the vicious cycle that arises from judgment. There’s a great phrase she uses to capture why we get into the habit of judging others:

“We are often judging others for the disowned parts of our own shadow

One of the resources that Gabrielle draws her inspiration from is A Course in Miracles. Released in 1976, the Course, is a metaphysical text which provides a template for spiritual transformation. The premise of the book is that the greatest realization we can come to is to simply gain a full awareness of the presence of love in our own life. Gabrielle was introduced to the text at a critical time in her life and it has become a central theme of her work since. An overview of the book, can be found here – https://www.acim.org/AboutACIM/. Gabrielle also discusses her experience with A Course in Miracles on her website on the following page – https://gabbybernstein.com/tag/a-course-in-miracles/.

In her addition to her website (https://gabbybernstein.com) Gabrielle also has a presence on the following mediums:


Vanessa Van EdwardsClose up picture of Vanessa Van Edwards.

Vanessa is somewhat of an unusual commodity in the world of motivational speaking. But her body of work and insights are intriguing and worthy of further investigation. Vanessa is a behavioral investigator who is interested in understanding what makes us tick and what drives our behavior. I think this is a fascinating area and one which we should all have a better understanding of given its relevance for work interactions, family life and general living.

Vanessa puts her theories into practice as the lead investigator at human behavior research lab, the Science of People. The aim of the lab is to “teach you how people work”. Vanessa and her team does this by creating unique research experiments designed to demystify human behavior. If this has piqued your interest, Vanessa’s YouTube channel provides plenty of behavioral insights related to communication, relationships, body language and business.

What I find fascinating about human behavior is that it’s a topic that most of us stumble upon accidentally. We don’t learn about it at school or at home nor do we appreciate that there’s so much more to communication than what we share verbally. Vanessa decodes a lot of the crucial concepts and highlights how we can harness them to interact more effectively in personal, professional and family settings. Here is a great video on “6 Fascinating Differences between Men and Women in the Workplace”:

Vanessa has discussed her work across a number of mediums including TEDx, NPR, the Wall Street Journal and the Today Show. Vanessa has also released a number of books throughout her career. Her latest, Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People, is the synthesis of Vanessa’s work to date, to more deeply understand people and create more meaningful relationships in a simple and accessible manner. I must confess, I haven’t read the book as yet but it’s on my list and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you.

In the interim, you can find Vanessa online at:

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